Filipino Carer - Introductory agency service

Filipino Carers is defined and classified as an ‘introductory agency’. This is in line with CQC guidance. It specifically provides an introduction to help those in need of home care to find suitable assistance.

We do not supply carers directly to those seeking care and do not directly employ the PCA’s we introduce.

Filipino Carers does not act as an employment agency or care agency. As required by CQC regulations, we are not permitted to make changes to the care plan, provide rotas or take effective control over the delivery of care. Filipino carers is not registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Care Quality Commission guidelines for “introductory agencies”, which do not impose control of ongoing care provision but only introduce carers and provide services to exclusively enable the carer and care seeker relationship, are not required by statute to register with the CQC.

We are therefore unable make changes the care plan, increase the frequency or intensity of visits. Nor can we alter rotas or in any way take direct control of the delivery of care provided by your carer other than when the individual makes an independent request to introduce another care worker to cover leave or sickness.

The care-workers we introduce are self-employed and work under your direction and control.

66It’s hard to know where to start with my appreciation.  From the very first contact to assesing the needs of my aunt, Filipino Care Givers went to great lengths to understand and fulfill her needs.  It’s important to note how good their communication with us has been both in person and by daily reports. Caring for people with dementia has its challenges.  However, they not only do their job, but perform it in a caring way.  We are extremely grateful and in nearly a year they have proven to be 100% reliable.99

Prof. Brian Glenville (Surgeon)


I really appreciate Filipino Carers attitude to customer service, for my mother. I need a great deal of flexibility from their service and they have proved to be accommodating, sensitive, understanding and generous with their advice and help. 99

Sue  (Ruislip)


Loida has been helping us with my father Bob. I would rate her performance as professionally excellent and she has good experience and knowledge as well as being punctual.  She cares and that is the most important factor.99

Julie - London