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Aireen is caring, professional and kind. She has very quickly established herself as a loved member of our household. My mother’s life has been enhanced beyond comprehension since Aireen has been with her. 99

Gillian, Hertfordshire

66Both I and my parents would like to emphasise that we have been delighted with Rica's work in every way. She has been absolutely invaluable in managing the first few weeks of my father's discharge from hospital and recuperation.


Alan - Cambridge

How we can help

If the thought of moving to a care home is unacceptable and you want to remain independent, but your home is becoming more difficult to manage and you do not want to become a burden, we can help.

We can help by finding and introducing the right personal care assistant for your particular needs. You can remain independent, stay in your own home and never feel a burden to others.

Our list of personal care assistants see such work is their life and as an independent group of professionals, which includes fully trained and qualified people such as PCA’s and physiotherapists, they are able to help improve your quality of life.

As well as their work in the community they also provide staffing for care and nursing homes.

The people Filipino Carers can provide, treat their clients as they would someone of their own family and help in so many different ways. For example, trips out, social events, as well as domestic, and personal care tasks can all be part of the care you arrange with the PCA.

They provide companionship and may even live in the community of those they care for. They may use the same GP surgery and pharmacists as well as other local services. So they believe they can get the best out of your community.

They use their knowledge, experience and skills to provide close personal and accountable care service at reasonable rates to make them affordable and accessible to all in need.

Their services include anything from occasional visits through to respite and high dependency, sleep-in personal care. And, should you need them, they can offer cleaning, housekeeping, gardening and a nanny service.

Making life easier, more secure and enjoyable is at the heart of their service. So if you want to retain your independence and remain in your own home we would be only too happy to introduce you to the help you seek.

Call Marinella on 0800 0231041 (or leave a message with 07960 756004)

Naghahanap kami ng gustong magtrabaho bilang isang legal na tagapag-alaga (buong oras/palagian o part time) pakisend lang ang kanilang resumé.

66It’s hard to know where to start with my appreciation.  From the very first contact to assesing the needs of my aunt, Filipino Care Givers went to great lengths to understand and fulfill her needs.  It’s important to note how good their communication with us has been both in person and by daily reports. Caring for people with dementia has its challenges.  However, they not only do their job, but perform it in a caring way.  We are extremely grateful and in nearly a year they have proven to be 100% reliable.99

Prof. Brian Glenville (Surgeon)


Just to let u know that Annie has returned to Folkestone after an impeccable stay helping me. I shall certainly use your company again after my hip surgery whenever that might be.
At last my ankles are appearing again after all the swelling has receded.
Soon I will be ready for a marathon.!!!!!  Many thanks for your uplifting support.99

Lois, London

66As you know we are very pleased with the standard of care and professionalism delivered by Myrna and we are delighted that Mum is fit and healthy and back to managing on her own. That's down to Myrna and Filipino Carers (and Mum's own determination) - so we owe you a big thank you.99

Caroline and all the Walkers (Doncaster)

66We rate Risa as excellent on all your criteria. She didn’t have an easy time, because our mother, while easy in her care needs is quite demanding emotionally. Risa was mature enough to handle all that, including long periods of unassisted care.99

Michael (Buckinghamshire)